+ When and where is Open Streets Detroit being held?

When: September 25 & October 2 12-5pm

Where: Michigan Avenue from Campus Martius to Roosevelt Park; Vernor Highway from Roosevelt Park to Boyer Playfield.

+ What should I bring with me?

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Non-professional film and digital cameras
  • Water bottle
  • Valid Driver’s License for restaurant and bars along the route
  • Comfortable footwear

+ What happens if it rains?

Open Streets Detroit is a rain or shine event. Please check the weather report and prepare accordingly.

+ What happens if I get tired along the route?

There will be plenty of seating along the route where people can rest. For cases of serious exhaustion, please contact the nearest volunteer.

+ Where can I park?

We encourage people to arrive to the event on foot or on bike. However, if you choose to drive, we will have designated parking throughout the route. Stay tuned for more details.

+ Is smoking allowed?

This is a family friendly event focused on health and physical activity, and we encourage people not to smoke along the route.

+ Is Open Streets Detroit accessible to people with disabilities?

We encourage people with disabilities to attend and enjoy Open Streets. Handicap accessible restrooms will be available in all of our activities hubs. If there are questions about, please call our hotline: (313) 649-7390

+ Any tips on preparation for a day at Open Streets Detroit?

  • Sunglasses
  • Lather up in sunscreen and bug spray
  • Bring a hat
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Stay hydrated! Drink water before you get to the event and enjoy the beverage offerings of the vendors at the festival. You’re also welcome to bring water bottles with you.

+ Will there be ATMS?

Many ATMs are located along the route in existing banks and other service locations. Additionally, many restaurants will accept credit & debit cards.

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Business Owners

+ How can I be successful during Open Streets Detroit?

Open Streets Detroit encourages you to activate your storefront during our program. We want you to make the most of the people moving by your doors. We recommend that you invite participants into your store, play music, hand out balloons, and create an atmosphere of general festivity. Do something that gets people interested in your business!

Please note:

  • Any street or sidewalk activation must be cleared by the time the streets open back up to car traffic at 5 p.m.
  • If you’d like help with ideas or if you have questions feel free to reach out to Chad Rochkind at chad@humanscalestudio.com

+ What portion of the street can I use?

Sixteen feet of the road must remain clear at all times for emergency vehicles. We recommend that businesses limit their activation space to the parking lane.

+ Can I sell stuff outside?

No. Vending must occur within your existing business. People may order food to-go and make use of seating outside, but order may not be taken outside. Alcohol may not be brought outside.

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Program Partners

+ What should I bring to Open Streets Detroit?

Please bring anything you need to execute your program effectively, including banners and signage! Open Streets will not be providing tables or tents. It is incumbent upon program partners to bring these and other items themselves.

+ Can I sell merchandise?

Program partners are not permitted to sell merchandise on the street or at activity hubs. Part of the purpose of Open Streets Detroit is to encourage the patronage of existing businesses along and near the route.

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